FPIs net buyers in August; invest Rs 16,459 crore

In August, foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) were net purchasers in Indian markets to the tune of Rs 16,459 crore, with the debt segment accounting for most of the investment.

Between August 2-31, depositories data showed that they invested just Rs 2,082.94 in shares and Rs 14,376.2 in debt.

The investment came as foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) continued to be net sellers in July, with a total of Rs 7,273 crore

.FPIs have also invested Rs 7,768.32 crore in Indian markets in September’s first three trading sessions (both equity and debt).

“Global investment will continue to be problematic in the remaining years of 2021. The market is concentrating on maintaining growth in developed economies. As a result, international investors seek emerging markets to diversify their risk exposure, “According to Chauhan.