Foolproof tips to get out of debt

Getting out of debt can be a tricky proposition. However, it is also a task that a lot of people like to tackle at the outset of the new year.

 Eliminating debt is often a long and painful process, but it is sure to go more smoothly if you take the time to outline a careful strategy for how to do it. Additionally, as you analyze your finances, you are sure to find many different ways in which you can hope to address any debt issues you have.

However, generally speaking, there are two moves with which you should start: look for additional income and prioritize your debts.

Finding Additional Income

Finding additional income is easier said than done. However, one good place to start is to look into stable investment opportunities. This, too, is easier said than done, but there are alternative investments available that offer you some stabilization options with relatively low risk.

For example, many people looking to invest for stability and gradual gain (rather than dramatic gain with high risk) turn to sites like Bullionvault, where you can safely purchase and store gold bullion.

Strategies to tackle the spiraling debt problem

  1. Conjure up a source of additional income
  2. Consider an investment in precious metals
  3. Prioritize your debts. Eliminate smaller debts first.[/caption]

Investing in precious metals allows you to switch your finances from currency to the resource itself, which in turn can save you from depreciating currency value that so often accompanies shaky economies. In this way, investing in gold may be able to save you from losing value on your money, and as other investors all over the world buy gold as well, it can gradually make you money if the price of gold should rises.

This is merely one example of an investment opportunity that is often viewed as a potential stabilizer, and therefore may be of assistance as you set about addressing your debt.

Prioritizing Your Debts

Many people, when devising a strategy for eliminating debt, are tempted to do what seems natural – eliminate the largest debt first.

This can certainly be an appealing idea and essentially helps you to tackle the hardest problem first. Theoretically, things will only get easier from then on out. However, others prefer to eliminate more sources of debt more quickly, rather than the largest one first. Here’s how it can be done fairly efficiently.

It’s called the “debt snowball,” and it can move you quickly toward knocking out various debts. The idea is to analyze your finances and figure out what amount each month you can put toward paying off your debts. Then, divide that amount among your debts each month.

Naturally, the smallest debt will be paid off first, and that is when the snowball takes effect. Instead of continuing to put the same amount toward each debt, you can add the amount that is freed up by paying off the first debt to the pile – thus increasing the amount you can pay toward each debt. This is a very efficient way to knock out debts and a great principle on which to base your efforts.