OMCs keep Fuel Rates unchanged as Global Oil Prices Ease

New Delhi, Aug 8 (IANS) As crude oil prices have begun to decline worldwide, oil marketing companies (OMC) kept petrol and diesel rates steady on Sunday.

In July, global crude prices fluctuated both ways, starting at $70 a barrel and swiftly rising to $77 a barrel, then falling below $70 a barrel and crossing $75 later in the month.

Fuel prices increased for the 41st time in the current fiscal year, prompting the long price pause. In Delhi, the 41 increases have raised the price of petrol by Rs 11.44 a liter. Similarly, diesel prices in the national capital have risen by Rs 9.14 per liter.

In April, the prices of both car fuels were decreased by 16 and 14 paise per liter, respectively. On July 12, diesel rates in Delhi were reduced by 16 paise per liter.

Petrol prices in Delhi have risen by Rs 32.25 per liter since April 2020, from Rs 69.59 per liter to Rs 101.84 per liter today. Similarly, fuel prices in the national capital jumped by Rs 27.58 per liter during the period, rising from Rs 62.29 to Rs 89.87 per liter.