This brother and sister bring in $105,000 a year selling homemade sweet and spicy Mexican-American candy called chilitos

Last summer, JJ and Rudy Jimenez felt it would be great if they could supplement their income by selling their handcrafted Mexican-American candy to friends and family, as well as a few social media followers.

After a year, Enchilositos Treats has grown from a side-hustle to a full-time business with six-figure yearly revenue, shipping fiery and sour-sweet candy combinations all across the country.

JJ, 26, and Rudy Jimenez, 19, began producing chilies, or dulces enchiladas, after seeing others do it in popular videos on social media. Chilitos are sour-sweet sweets like Skittles, Sour Patch Kids, or Gushers coated with traditional Mexican spices like chili powder and chamoy.

Enchilositos Treats generated over $105,000 in revenue from internet sales in its first year.

Rudy recalls, “We kind of gazed at each other and took that first small mouthful.” ‘And we can do something with this,’ JJ added. Let’s start selling it to our friends and family, and if possible, simply locals.”