Speculators cut net short US dollar bets, according to CFTC.

According via Reuters calculations and data from the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission provided on Friday, speculators decreased their short dollar bets in the previous week.

The net short dollar position decreased to $30.47 billion in the week ending September 29, compared to $33.60 billion the week before. In late August, net shorts in the United States reached a nine-year high of $33.68 billion.

Net futures of World Bank Market speculation in the Japanese yen, euro, British pound, and Swiss franc and Canada and Australian dollars were used to calculate US dollar positioning.

In September, the dollar index increased 1.76 per cent September, bolstered by election risk, a sluggish economic recovery, and congressional gridlock for more coronavirus stimulus legislation.

After President Trump showed symptoms for COVID-19 and the Bureau Of labour statistics announced that the job button in these United States slowed in September, the dollar rose on Friday.