USA TODAY launches subscriber model for premium journalism, but many stories remain free.

Every day, more than 200 news organizations in the USA TODAY Network, ranging from the Arizona Republic to the Detroit Free Press to the Providence (R.I.) Journal, collaborate on coverage with USA TODAY.

Original, on-the-ground reporting combined with a national perspective is a potent mix. We’re reporting firsthand information, so you can believe what we’re saying. Reporters in statehouses and courthouses around the United States are asking difficult questions and digging for records.

Not just from the coasts but from all around the country.

Around 90 million unique users to USA TODAY’s digital platforms each month for investigations that change laws and lives, intelligent sports analysis, professional science and health reporting, entertainment and consumer news, and added to help you obtain the largest of your time and money.

The majority of the information on USA TODAY will remain free. Each day, however, you’ll see a selection of tales tagged “subscription only.” Exclusive investigations, complex visual explainers, thought-provoking reflections on the news, and immersive storytelling will be among the topics covered.