Petrol, Diesel Prices Hiked Again On Sunday.

Today’s Petrol and Diesel Prices: According to data from the Indian Oil Corporation, raised petrol and diesel prices across the four metro cities on Sunday, June 27. (IOC). Petrol prices in the national capital have been increased by 35 paise, from 98.11 to 98.46 per litre. Diesel prices increased by 25 paise per litre, from 88.65 to 88.90. Petrol prices in Mumbai, which had crossed the 104-mark on Saturday, were raised by 34 paise today, from 104.22 to 104.56 per litre. Diesel prices in the nation’s business capital were also increased by 26 pence per litre, from 96.16 to 96.42.

This month, the price of gasoline and diesel has been raised 15 times. According to the state-run oil refiner, Mumbai currently has the highest fuel prices. Due to the value-added tax, fuel prices surged in Chennai and Kolkata, and other Indian states.

The following are the most recent gasoline and diesel prices in the four metro cities:

City Petrol Diesel
Delhi 98.46 88.90
Mumbai 104.56 96.42
Chennai 99.49 93.46
Kolkata 98.30 91.75


 Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum, all state-owned oil marketing businesses align domestic fuel prices with global crude oil prices by factoring in foreign exchange rates. Every day, at 6 a.m., any increases in fuel prices go into effect.