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Chitter chatter with celebrities through facebooks VIP app ?

No more will the celebrities and public figures be out of reach for the common man! Facebook brings a VIP app , a new mobile feature , 'to help public figures interact with their fans'!

Social media overload? Internet users plead “vacation”

We are fed up!! Very soon we may hear these words from the irked internet social media users. A US study reveals that there is a social media overload on more than 50 percent of internet users and they do ponder over taking a vacation or may have already taken one to take a “social networking” break.

Yahoo in clean-house mode! Plans to handover old ID’s to new users

It’s time for some further revamping at Yahoo, folks!! This time it’s the user ID’s under the scanner. Yahoo extends an invitation to people to grab a new ID .You want your ID to remain yours, stake a claim screams Yahoo or watch it being passed on to another.

Are we carrying way too many gadgets?

Phew!! This tech stuff is sure dragging people down!! It’s a well known fact that most tech lovers are unable to let go off their gadgets but some people may be taking way too many devices on their morning commute.

Sony encourages hackers, asks them to play around with Firefox OS

Sony goes revolutionary again!! The electronics giant gets friendly with its smartphone users by allowing them to play around with some of its devices. It is urging smartphone hackers and users to experiment with ROM images of FireFox OS for Xperia E handset:

Wanna know why Americans want a breather from Facebook?

Is the thrill of logging on to Facebook losing its value for you!! Apparently, you are not alone to feel overwhelmed by the social media site!!

You won't be able to ignore this Apple bite

A record 61 percent iOS users have already upgraded their devices to the latest version iOS 6!

Getting troubled on Pinterest? Block and report

Pinleague, Pinterest's marketing wing realised the much demanded feature was missing

Hackers attack Sony Ericsson's site in Canada

Sony acknowledged Wednesday that Sony Ericsson's eShop website has been hacked in Canada and personal information of about 2000 users has been compromised.

Watch full-length movies on YouTube at low price

Now YouTube users can legally watch full-length movies for just a few dollars. All you need is a YouTube/Google account.