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Tot's death at Lakers game ruled accident

Los Angeles -- A toddler's fatal fall at the Staples Center after a Lakers game was an accident, the Los Angeles coroner ruled.

An autopsy of Lucas Anthony Tang, 2, determined Tuesday that he died of multiple injuries but found no foul play, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Lucas was posing with his parents and his 11-year-old sister Sunday in front of a glass barrier, but as the family reviewed the pictures on their camera, they lost track of Lucas and he somehow got over the barrier and fell nearly 30 feet. Initial reports said the child had fallen 50 feet.

Lucas, who would have turned 3 in January, was pronounced dead at a hospital Monday morning.

Police: Burglar mom left toddler in car

Muskegon, Mich. -- Police in Michigan said a woman who broke into a home had her mother and 2-year-old daughter waiting for her in the car.

Investigators said Nicole Anne Bugajski, 26, of Egelston Township, was inside an elderly man's Muskegon Township house when he returned home Saturday and he used his pickup truck to block her car in the driveway, the Muskegon (Mich.) Chronicle reported Thursday.

The man told police Bugajski's mother, Kimberly Anne Mahnke, 51, was inside the car and attempted to "stall" him while her daughter was inside. He said he and his wife found Bugajski in their bedroom.

Chinese girl, 3, turns into beer, cigarette addict after road crash

Recently, internet was overwhelmed with the bizarre story and shocking video of a chain-smoker toddler Indonesian boy. Now one more toddler pops up who's not only addicted to smoking but also drinking!

Smoking toddler's mum wakes up; seeks help for his addiction

A disturbing video of a two-year-old boy puffing casually on a cigarette caused a firestorm online last week. Now, his mother has agreed to seek help for her toddler son’s die hard addiction for smoke.

Boy, 1, falls three floors, injuries minor

Omaha -- Police in Nebraska said a toddler who plummeted three stories and landed partly on his face suffered only a minor injury.

Jacob Bettin, a police spokesman, said 1-year-old Dennis Nimely was playing on the third-floor balcony of an apartment in Omaha's Wentworth Townhomes when he fell through a small opening, KETV, Omaha, reported Wednesday.

The toddler was taken to Nebraska Medical Center for treatment of his injury. Police said no arrests were made.

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