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Scientists create 'smarter' materials

Waterloo, Ontario -- New "smart materials" could revolutionize the manufacture of diverse products ranging from medical devices to automotive components, Canadian researchers say.

Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Ontario have developed a process dubbed Multiple Memory Material Technology that could allow engineers to incorporate far greater functionality into devices, a university release said Wednesday.

Smart materials, also known as shape memory alloys, are well known for their ability to remember a predetermined shape.

The materials assume one shape at one temperature and take on a second "remembered" shape at a different temperature.

Gas mileage could triple with 'evolution'

Ann Arbor, Mich. -- Cars could get triple current fuel economy figures by 2035 if U.S. drivers will accept smart technology over pure horsepower, a researcher says.

As federal regulators prepare the next round of fuel economy mandates, John DeCicco of the University of Michigan and the Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute says the most cost-effective answer is steady progress in advanced combustion engines and hybrid drive, an institute release said Tuesday.

DeCicco says the solution is a "revolution by evolution" rather than politically trendy breakthrough technologies that will remain too expensive for most consumers.

Beware Facebook users: do not install the dislike button scam application

Facebook has recently been invaded by a scam application that asks an account user to permit it for accessing user profile, for successful installation of a ‘dislike button’.

The Living Embodiment of Ben Graham

When Ben Graham's name is mentioned, it invariably invokes an association with Warren Buffett. The association is understandable, given that Buffett is Graham's most famous acolyte. But there are others -- not as famous as Buffett, to be sure -- but enviably successful in their own right: William Ruane, Walter Schloss, and Charles Brandes come readily to mind.

Technically, Cree Is a Sell

Technically, you should sell Cree (Nasdaq: CREE) right now.

No more 'twinkle, twinkle' little star

Tucson -- The twinkling of stars is a pretty sight but annoying to U.S. astronomers, who say a new technology can "switch off" the twinkle for clear, sharp stargazing.

University of Arizona astronomers have utilized a technique called laser adaptive optics that enables Earth-based telescopes to capture images as sharp as those taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, a university release said Wednesday.

The twinkle of stars is caused by turbulence in the lower layers of Earth's atmosphere blurring light from celestial objects.

The Price Is Right: Amazon’s Kindle 3 (Nasdaq: AMZN) is introducing a new, third-generation version of its popular Kindle in August.

IBM Top-Rated in Cloud Offerings

As a company that's been traditionally strong in physical data storage systems, IBM's (NYSE: IBM) smooth transition to cloud computing services should not come as a surprise.

Maybe the Smart Grid Is Dumb

Is this dumb or what? The smart grid technology that was supposed to be the future of energy efficiency is in danger of being unceremoniously swept up and deposited in the dustbin of history.

Indiana company to make 'green' race fuel

West Lafayette, Ind. -- An Indiana company says it is partnering with a major U.S. motor racing series to bring "green" technology to the motor sports world.

Swift Enterprises Ltd. of West Lafayette has joined with the Great American Stockcar Series to produce high-performance "green" fuel for the series' Aug. 7 race at Iowa Speedway in Newton, Iowa, a company release said Monday.

Unlike traditional petroleum-based racing fuels, the new fuel is renewable and made from resources like sorghum and wood, the company said.

Great American Stockcar Series founder Chris Evans said the company's product could be the right fit for him and his teams.