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Beware! Websites can now track your IP address

With the help of a new online tracking system, websites can now track your location without your prior concern.

Graphene: thin as paper, stronger than steel

Researchers at the University of Technology Sydney on Friday unveiled a super-material as thin as paper, but stronger than steel.

Windows 7 becomes the fastest selling OS; 350mn licenses sold

Windows 7, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft, has become the fastest selling operating system after Microsoft sold more than 350 million licenses of Windows 7 in 18 months of its release.

Seagate woos tech-world with an ultra-slim external HDD

Are you on the watch out for an external drive that you can haul around with? Seagate brings you the latest GoFlex Slim Performance Drive, projected as the world’s ‘slimmest’ external hard disk drives. These drives slip right into your pocket and provide you with a storage capacity of 320GB.

Workers abandon Japan nuclear plant as radiation surges

Workers working tirelessly at a tsunami-affected nuclear plant in Japan were asked to leave for a while when radiation levels began to peak. The circumstances suggest that the nuclear crisis in Japan is getting more serious with time.

Turn off gadgets for a good night's sleep

Unable to get a sound sleep at night? The reason could be your electronic gadgets, as a new survey report finds that heavy use of technology before bedtime interferes with sleep.

Intel's Thunderbolt hits market; peripheral devices unavailable

Apple may have introduced the world to the futuristic new data transfer technology, Intel’s Thunderbolt, it is still far from being a hit, as peripheral makers would have to design a compatible peripheral device that could match this new high-speed data transfer technology.

Mass. company making fuel from bacteria

At a time when scientists are looking for alternatives to non-renewable sources like diesel and petrol, a biotechnology company in Massachusetts is claiming that they have discovered a fuel source.

5 Essential Books for Tech Investors

New Year's is upon us, and with that comes goals and aspirations for the year ahead. So what's stopping you from becoming a better tech investor in 2011? Here are five suggested readings for the year ahead.