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Coming soon: 'Talking' cars that detect obstacles kms ahead

After Google’s ‘driverless’ car and Terrafugia Inc.'s ‘flying’ car, now ready to hit the road are "Talking" cars! If a team of Italian scientists is to be believed, 'talking' cars will soon become a reality and not merely science fiction.

Migration of extinct whale linked to global warming

The problem of global warming has again come to the fore after the strange and rather long odyssey of a 43-foot gray whale that wandered to Herzliya in Israel, all the way from the ice-clad Canada.

Foot the restaurant bill through iPhone

With the latest technology, diners can now pay their bill in “less than a minute” through their iPhones.

Brain-training video games may help kids score better--study

Irritated that your child is always playing video games? Well, don’t be, as a latest study reveals that playing brain training computer games improves child’s intelligence.

iPhone 5 to sport curved glass touchscreen?

According to the Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes, the fifth generation iPhone will feature a curved glass display with touchscreen.

Google threatens to shut down Street View service in Switzerland

Internet search and tech giant Google is threatening to shut down its Street View mapping service in Switzerland unless the supreme court of that country overturns a ruling requiring the company to guarantee absolute anonymity of faces and cars pictured on Street View imagery.

Skype for Mac has serious vulnerability--researcher

A security researcher has revealed that the Skype clients of Mac computers have unpatched vulnerability that leaves the computers at risk of malware.

Robot Rollin' Justin can play ball and make coffee

Imagine a humanoid robot assisting you in your daily chores? Scientists claim that one of the world’s advanced robots, Rollin’ Justin, can now catch ball and even make your morning coffee.

World's last typewriter factory shuts down in India

The world's last typewriter factory in Mumbai, India has shut down its production plant.

Now best deals on Facebook in 5 US cities

Facebook, the social networking giant launched deals program Tuesday in five cities in the United States.