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Microsoft updates for Windows 8 to be launched

Wednesday is a big day for Microsoft as the technology giant is going to unveil some much-awaited updates for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Google Glass and driving combination, big “No-No” for Lawmakers

Why is our enthusiasm for the Google glass being tampered with? We had been so excited about the Google glass but it seems not everybody is going over the top with it.

Angry Birds Star Wars Cloud City chapter coming soon

Rovio is all set to roll out the next chapter in the Angry Birds Star Wars series with Cloud City that will be launched very soon.

Google Glass, good or bad?

Google Glass

Google Glass seems to be facing more opposition than favor and technology experts are touting this new advancement as a serious threat to a person’s privacy.

No Google Glasses! Vehemently states Seattle dive bar

Keep the Google Glass away, it’s not welcome here, claims a Seattle Dive Bar!

Worldwide PC sales showing a steady decline as tablets catch up

Neither Windows 8 nor the holiday season have helped PC sales

Sales of PCs worldwide are showing a disappointing decline, with sales of tablets steadily rising.

Bungie reveals first look of new game 'Destiny'

After the breath-taking success of the much-acclaimed shooter series game ‘Halo’, Bungie has created another masterpiece in form of ‘Destiny’, the first look of which is out on the creator’s blog.

BMW to unveil ‘i Concept’ at LA Auto Show

As the Los Angeles Auto Show kicks off next week, auto majors like BMW have already started lining up their upcoming cars for display.

Rockstar Consortium transfers 1024 patents to Apple!

Rockstar Consortium transfers 1024 patents to Apple

The patents purchased cover technology designs and studies encompassing Wireless, 4G, Internet and Semiconductors.

Google could come out with a physical wallet

Google Wallet is entirely software-based as of now

Going by a report published by the Android Police, Google could soon be coming out with a physical version of its Google Wallet service.