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Mobile users can croon along with Google Music service

Hey, folks some heartening news! Google goes musical! Google has introduced a music service for smartphones and tablets.

Bye-bye finger play! Android’s Eye tribe tracks eyes for games

Android’s Eye tribe tracks eyes for games

Android users, we think it’s time to wish a goodbye to the use of fingers in scrolling down pages, playing games, unlocking the home screens, the “Eye Tribe” software sends a warm welcome to the user’s eyes!

Samsung makes record profits once again in Q4 2012

Smartphones such as the S4 and Galaxy Note have propelled Samsung to the top

Nokia will probably feel jealous witnessing Samsung's latest earnings report.

Samsung to launch all new Galaxy Tab 3 series and Note 8.0 tablets

A new range of Galaxy Tab tablets are set to make a splash this year

Sasmung is expected to unveil an all-new range of Galaxy Tab 3 devices at the Mobile Wold Congress this year, to be followed the much-hyped Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet.

Apple's shares tumble as iPhone sales fall short of expectations

Could Apple be losing its grip on the smartphone market?

Even as Apple reported a strong quarter, shares of Apple tumbled, and iPhone sales have not matched forecasts.

Get ready for the Microsoft Surface Pro this February

Surface Pro - a Windows 8 PC in the avatar of a tablet

Microsoft will be launching its much-awaited Surface Pro tablet on February 9 across all stores in the US.

Sales of iPad 20 times more than that of Microsoft Surface RT!

iPad is still the undisputed king of the tablet market

In the fourth quarter of 2012, Apple sold over 20 times as many iPads as Microsoft sold its Surface tablets.

Missing CES 2013 may prove to be a setback for Microsoft

Many consumers are confused about Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT

Microsoft's absence from CES 2013 was quite striking, and could prove to be costly for the company.

Worldwide PC sales showing a steady decline as tablets catch up

Neither Windows 8 nor the holiday season have helped PC sales

Sales of PCs worldwide are showing a disappointing decline, with sales of tablets steadily rising.

Mobile devices become hot favourite tools for shopping!

Mobile devices become shopping tools

Shopping has become the latest entry into the arena of activities most performed using smart devices. Shopping using smartphones and tablets has witnessed a sharp rise of a whopping 81%.