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What's on IBM's "Next Five in Five"?

By 2015, you could see the 3-D image of a person calling you and might be able to plan in advance the shortest and less traffic-congested route to the office. manNot enough? Even "breathing" batteries and laptops powered by kinetic energy could be on the way over the next five years, according to the latest technology predictions fromIBM (NYSE: IBM).

Is China the iPhone's Next Growth Engine?

 Apple  (Nasdaq: AAPL) not only straddles the burgeoning tablet and smartphone markets but also holds sway across the computer, home-entertainment, and media fields. The moves it makes can affect the future of hundreds of companies. With that in mind, we're taking a look at the week in Apple news, to see how its latest activity influences the Cupertino giant, its suppliers, and even its competitors.


Micro-plane can do autonomous surveys

Paris -- An inexpensive unmanned aircraft system developed with the European Space Agency can provide quick monitoring of land areas or disaster zones, researchers say.

German company MAVinci has developed sat-nav guided autonomous micro-air vehicles with a wingspan of less than 7 feet, an ESA release said Wednesday.

"At the moment, the remote-sensing market uses mainly manned aeroplanes," Johanna Born, CEO of MAVinci, says, "but they are expensive and not always available."

"Our MAVs are cost-efficient, available at short notice and easy to use for surveillance of development areas, construction sites, disaster zones and waste disposal sites, just to mention a few," Born said.