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Comet ISON: The Special Comet Termed As Solar System's “Time Capsule” By NASA

Scientists across the world are monitoring the comet that has been on a journey of millions of years right from the solar system’s edge and is close to reach to the Sun. This comet is a relic that is said to have formed when the solar system evolved and astronomers expect a stunning light show when it reaches the surface of the sun. The scientists are positive that the studies on ISON, the comet would offer them several clues about the formation of the solar system and the birth of its planets in the ancient times.

NASA Releases Spectacular Video of ‘Canyon of Fire’

NASA has released a video of the 300,000km ‘canyon of fire’ on the sun’s surface that was captured on September 29.

Stare at skies for Meteor Shower and Comet sky dazzle!!

Get ready with your eyes focused at the dark blueness above and keep your fingers crossed for clear weather this August! This is for you sky watchers. A brilliant dazzle is expected from the Perseid Meteor shower and the stunning Comet ISON in August.

Spacecraft Voyager 1, completes 35 years in space

A victory in itself! Voyager 1, the workhorse spacecraft, continues to shine surrounded by stars even after 35 long years, far away, from Mother Earth. Astronomers wait in anticipation are on for Voyager 1, a manmade object, which will pass on to the new realm in space bidding a farewell to the solar system.

Co-inventor of 'cold fusion’ Martin Fleischmann dies at 85

British electro-chemist Martin Fleischmann, who claimed to have found a way to bring nuclear fusion in a glass bottle at room temperature, breathed his last on Friday.

Let the Earth stretch Saturday night just a leap second longer!

International timekeepers are busy adding up one more second to the time clock at 12’o clock worldwide time on Saturday, 30th June, 2012. The official atomic clocks are being coordinated by the time keepers from time to time. All these adjustments have to be made because of the gradual reduction in the Earth’s speed due to the moon’s tidal pull and the atomic clock also moves a tad too fast.

Colossal solar twisters raise the sun’s temperature to exhorbitant degrees

Enormous and gigantic 'solar twisters' that are nearly 1000 miles broad have been found to take the sun's atmosphere to very high temperatures, as high as millions of degrees centigrade. These magnetic tornadoes swirling around are found to heat the immediate layer above the sun to extremely high levels, channeling extreme temperatures from the sun on to the layer above it making it scorching hot. The heat is so high that it can lend enough power to make “clean” reactors on earth. The tornadoes that are seen on the Earth are thousands of times smaller, of lesser intensity than the solar tornadoes.

Unique and very “close planet duo” surfaces on the astrophysicists list

Kepler, NASA’s planet hunting spacecraft, used by the astrophysicists has unearthed an “unusual duo” of extra solar planets.The strange pair of planets have orbits near each other’s doorstep. The bigger of the two planets emerges to be more than two times the magnitude of the full moon found in the second “odd” planet’s night sky.

Solar storms from giant sun spot heading toward Earth

According to the Space Weather Observers Solar flares are heading towards Earth and are expected to strike Earth’s magnetic field sooner.

Comet Lovejoy plunges into sun's corona, survives

A newly found comet named Lovejoy managed to survive its close encounter with the sun on Thursday.