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Steve Jobs

Smoking Gun a confused draft of an email: Eddy Cue

The smoking gun e-mail that has been in the news in the recent past is nothing but a confused draft of a message that the legendary late Steve Jobs wrote but did not send it, claims Eddy Cue, Apple's senior vice president of software and services.

Shock for investors? Google CEO Page bogged down by Vocal Cord Paralysis

Now this is some troubling news! Google’s CEO Larry Page has admitted that he faces vocal cord paralysis that makes him face difficulty in breathing and speaking some times. But the gentleman still manages to run his company to the best!

Is Steve Jobs the brain behind upcoming iPhones?

Its not the end of the Steve Jobs's era after all!! Apple has not been the same since the demise of the visionary digital leader and he is greatly missed, but reports suggests the next two iPhones may have been approved by him.

Release date of Steve Jobs film “Jobs” starring Ashton Kutcher delayed

A film by the name of “Jobs” was being made on the life history of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who died in 2011. According to Hollywood Reporter, the film was scheduled to be released on April 19 but now has been pushed back because of marketing reasons. The news was confirmed by its creators today.

Apple Vs. Samsung: Is Samsung gaining an edge over Apple?

It's a straight showdown between the two tech giants, Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. The "once upon a time partners" are involved in the legal battles all over the globe.

Apple arraigned on charges of piling cash by Einhorn

Apple Inc., the world’s largest technology company faces a major challenge from an activist shareholder, David Einhorn, who has filed a suit in U.S.District Court in Manhattan against the company and has demanded $137 billion cash pile for investors. This has come up at the time of tough competition in the Smartphone and tablet markets.

Is Apple losing its sheen?

Apple Inc.

Tech giant Apple might still be ruling the people's hearts with its iPad Mini and iPhone 5 but the recent dip in the value of its shares suggests an apparent vulnerability to the competition presented by its competitors and a dearth of innovation.

Star Wars to resume under Disney banner

Star Wars to resume under Disney banner

Get ready for another round for high pitched battles in the space people as Disney is going to reboot the Star Wars and will release the next movie in near future.

Apple iPhone 5 gets a thumbs up!

Apple got a shot in the arm recently as the widely revered Consumer Reports gave a thumbs up to its newly launched iPhone 5.