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Sony PlayStation sales cross 1 million units on first day

Guess how many units the PlayStation 4 sold on the first day after its launch in North America? A whooping I million units!

Four must play downloadable console games

Journey (Credit: Sony/That Game Company)

Attention avid gamers: The fall gaming season is here! Blockbuster games are vying for gamers' attention and how! Pretty exciting games $15 and under are up for grabs.

Sony PlayStation hack can affect 77 million users

Sony seems to have landed in troubled water. While on one side it is dealing user with the information theft at its online gaming network, on the other Sony is being criticized for not disclosing the news about theft.

Chat with chums on Sony's PS3

The new update of PS3 2.70 is loaded with the most awaited text-chat feature and lots more.