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Smartphones for smart shopping

Consumer dependency on tech apps for shopping is increasing with each passing day. Many retail stores rolling out apps are glaring examples of the change.

Black Friday Shopping: Best tablets for gaming purposes

Black Friday Shopping: Best tablets for gaming purposes

Thanksgiving is here, well almost, and retail markets are buzzing with customers who are riding high on improving economy and burgeoning employment numbers. In this mega-tech season, we have a look at the best tablets for gaming as the Black Friday approaches.

Virtual dressing room lets shoppers try clothes without undressing

Love shopping, but hate getting dressed and undressed to try on clothes? Well, this may soon become thing of the past, thanks to virtual dressing room powered by Microsoft's Kinect motion sensor.

Want to live longer? Go shopping--study

Retail therapy does more than just fight depression, it can help you live longer, states a new study.

Spendthrift Wife? Here's How to Control Her

Money conflicts are common to all households. But if your wife is splurging your hard earned money on things that you don’t even require, perhaps its time you draw the line.

7 Best Winter Deals

If you are still trying to figure out how to increase savings, brave the winter winds to steal some of the best deals that the season can offer, The Money Times suggests.

US online holiday sales rise 15%

The holiday season seems to have proved profitable for online retailers in the United States as consumer spending has witnessed a significant jump.

Planning a Frugal New Year's Bash

Believe it or not, money has got nothing to do with how fun-filled your new year’s party is going to be. An enthusiastic host can turn even road-side into a discotheque.

Ideas for a Frugal but Fun-Filled Christmas

Christmas feels incomplete without shopping. However, your endless shopping-list comprising of gifts, decorations, electronics, home-decor and personal products could loot you of all your bank balance unless you plan it smart.

These Tech Stocks Will Make Me Rich

 Welcome to week 118 of my stock-picking throwdown with Mr. Market. Let's get right to the numbers.