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Jolie wins back the permission to shoot in Bosnia

Angelina Jolie has succeeded in winning back the permit to film her directorial debut in Bosnia. Sarajevo authorities had withdrawn the movie’s shooting permit last week owing to some concerns over its alleged content.

College offers zombie course

Baltimore -- A University of Baltimore professor said he is basing his English 333 curriculum around zombies.

Arnold Blumberg said his class will involve screening 16 zombie film classics, zombie comic books as required reading and the option for students to write a screenplay or draw storyboards for their ideal zombie movies as final projects, The Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday.

"Zombies are one of the most potent, direct reflections of what we're thinking moment to moment in our culture," Blumberg said.

Jonathan Shorr, chair of the university's school of communications design, said the class is part of a new minor in popular culture.