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Sony PlayStation sales cross 1 million units on first day

Guess how many units the PlayStation 4 sold on the first day after its launch in North America? A whooping I million units!

Cyber Monday replaces Black Friday hysteria !

According to reports, at least 50% of regular Black Friday shoppers have decided to make purchases on the Cyber Monday.

3 million iPads sold in first weekend!

3 million iPads sold in first weekend!

Experts have predicted the sales to go even higher.

iPad Mini gets a yawning response from users

iPad Mini gets a yawning response from users

Guess what, about 68 percent of the ones who reviewed the iPad Mini were left disappointed!!

Honda confirms 1 Million sales of Hybrid car

Honda's rival Toyota though is way ahead, having achieved the mark in 2007, and has sold 2 million cars till now.

Hatchbacks This Winter

Hatchback Cars ranging from price 3 lakhs to 24 lakhs are available.

Is the dwindling retail business of US looking up again?

Is the American “money spending ability” bouncing back? Data put forth by the Commerce Department showed a profitable upswing in retail sales this July!!

Profits of Renault show a downslide with plummeting sale figures

The famous French Car manufacturer Renault has testified that there has been a intense waning in the collection of profits this year. The sales have plummeted in Europe leading to a loss in revenue, which is a total opposite to the full-bodied rise of its upcoming markets business and its collaboration with Nissan from Japan. Even besides the sweepingly slow trade figures, Renault still holds fort that it is anticipating its worldwide vehicle sales to go up in 2012. The net profit in the first half of the year has shown a 39% drop in earnings.

Consumption of Craft Beer on the Rise

If the last year’s sales growth is anything to go by, the craft beer market is booming in the United States. Consumption of craft beer registered double-digit growth despite the fact that the overall beer consumption in the U.S remained flat.

Violence mars Black Friday shopping across US

A string of violent incidents marred Black Friday sales, the annual bargain hunting ritual that kicks off the traditional Christmas shopping season after Thanksgiving.