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Salmonella outbreak in 15 states linked to alfalfa sprouts

In yet another case of food contamination linked to salmonella outbreak, 89 people have fallen sick in 15 states including Washington, D.C., the Center for Disease and Prevention (CDC) reported Thursday.

Chipotle Co-CEO Monty Moran on Overseas Expansion and "What Really Makes Chipotle Work"

 Last week, The Motley Fool hosted Chipotle (NYSE: CMG)co-CEO Monty Moran for a one-hour live chat with readers. Moran has been co-CEO of the fast-food burrito chain since January 2009, during which time the stock has run up more than 300%. Chipotle makes food based on its "Food With Integrity" philosophy, which emphasizes locally sourced, sustainable ingredients. 

Car burglars get only 'Jesus'

Elyria, Ohio -- An Ohio family says the burglars who broke into their car outside a restaurant only made off with Bibles, Sunday school lessons and holy communion supplies.

Noel and Pam Cash said their family went out to eat in Medina Township, near Elyria, with friends after church Sunday and they emerged from the restaurant to find a back window had been smashed out of their sport utility vehicle, Cleveland's WKYC-TV reported Wednesday.

However, they said the burglars missed Pam's purse, which was under a seat, and left the GPS unit in place. Instead, Noel said, "they got Jesus."

The couple said the burglars only took shopping bags from the back of the vehicle and the bags contained Bibles, Sunday school lessons and materials used for holy communion.

'Elvis' gives life-saving CPR

Las Vegas -- A doctor dressed as Elvis at the Las Vegas Marathon took a break from his day of getting married and running to administer CPR to a woman at a restaurant.

Claudio Palma, 36, a San Francisco doctor who dressed as Elvis for Sunday's event, said he married his fiancee at the second mile of the marathon and stopped at the Burger Bar for a celebratory lunch, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported Wednesday.

Palma said he was inside the eatery when a fellow marathon runner, a woman whose name Palma did not know, collapsed at the back of the restaurant.

The doctor said the woman was unconscious, had no pulse and was bleeding from the mouth and head. He said he got a quick medical history from the woman's husband and began to administer CPR.

Burglar hid in toilet ceiling for 2 hours

University Place, Wash. -- Police in University Place, Wash., said a restaurant surveillance camera recorded a burglar hiding in a bathroom ceiling for two hours.

Investigators said the video depicts the man, dressed in jeans and a blue hoodie, entering Captain Nemo's restaurant in University Place about 10 minutes before closing time Saturday and heading straight for the bathroom.

Police said the man hid in the bathroom ceiling for about two hours while waiting for the restaurant to empty. The footage depicts him emerging, taking $5,000 and fleeing out a back door.

Officers said they are seeking evidence from the scene and are asking for the public's help in identifying the man in the footage.

Restaurant tries for opera-singer ambiance

San Francisco -- California restaurant owners said a neighborhood group seeks to keep them from enhancing their eatery's ambiance with a live opera singer and recorded music.

The owners of Colosseo, an Italian restaurant in San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood, want to have Luca, a trained opera singer, serenade diners backed up by amplified recorded orchestral accompaniment, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.

But the neighborhood group, the Telegraph Hill Dwellers, says it fears the permit eatery owners Stefano Cassolato and Salvatore Nevigato seek for Luca's amplified recorded orchestral accompaniment could be used in the future for louder music -- for example, a Jimi Hendrix tribute concert.

New lizard species found -- on a menu

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- A new species of lizard has been identified in Vietnam -- where it was being served as a lunch menu item at a local restaurant, researchers say.

The lizards are offered up grilled with a salad in restaurants in the Mekong Delta in southwest Vietnam, which is where a Vietnamese scientist suspected they were a new species after seeing live specimens in a tank in a restaurant, waiting their turn to be lunch, Britain's The
Independent reported Thursday.

Delivery robber recognized at restaurant

Springfield, Mass. -- Police in Massachusetts said a man who robbed a delivery driver was arrested after apparently gaining a taste for the food and visiting the restaurant.

Springfield police said Edward Blatch, 23, and a second man armed with a shotgun robbed a driver from the Fu Wong restaurant Sept. 20 of $200 cash, a food order, a cellphone, a Bluetooth device, a school ring and car keys, the Boston Herald reported Wednesday.

Sgt. John Delaney said the driver recognized Blatch when the suspect stopped by Fu Wong at 1:30 p.m. Monday for lunch. Restaurant employees surrounded the suspect in a booth and prevented him from leaving until police arrived.

Blatch was charged with armed robbery and ordered held in lieu of $2,500 cash bond.

Man becomes White Castle hall of famer

New York -- A New York man who has eaten at White Castle every Friday for the past four years is being inducted into the restaurant's "Cravers Hall of Fame."

White Castle officials said Victor Gradowski, 27, will be one of 13 frequent diners to be inducted during a Nov. 16 ceremony in Columbus, Ohio, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday.

"I feel very, very honored, very excited," Gradowski said. "It's almost like a dream come true."

"I will never be President; I will never be a football player," Gradowski said. "But I am a White Castle Hall of Famer."

White Castle officials said this year's inductees were chosen from 1,350 nominations.

Serena Williams says done for this year

St. Petersburg, Fla. -- U.S. tennis star Serena Williams said Tuesday she is done for the season after re-injuring her right foot.

Williams has been out of action on the WTA Tour since downing Russian Vera Zvonareva July 3 to capture her fourth career Wimbledon title. She played an exhibition match four days later in Brussels but shortly thereafter injured her foot by stepping on broken glass at a restaurant.

The 29-year-old had surgery to repair the damage but on Tuesday said she had "re-torn" the tendon and underwent additional surgery Monday in New York.