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Navy Warship is transport dock for NASA’s Orion Program

Will a Warship, become a transport dock for a capsule? Yes, Department of Defense and NASA have collaborated and carried out a test trial for recovery of a space capsule. As the Space administration gets ready for another deep space exploration escapade, The NASA and Navy may be ready for the astronauts involved in the Orion Program.

US jobless rate rises to 9.2% in June

Hiring in the United States slowed down considerably last month raising apprehensions that the lukewarm recovery witnessed so far has stalled out.

Japan trudges towards recovery as industrial output rises

The Japanese economy, which was in a shambles after an unprecedented quake-tsunami in March and subsequent nuclear crisis hit it, is slowly but surely limping back to recovery.

Proper wound cleaning may speed-up recovery--study

The next time your kids graze their knees and bruise elbows, ensure to clean their wounds before applying an antibiotic cream, as a new study states that timely and proper cleaning might lead to quick recovery.

Challenging the Bulls: Is the Housing Market Still a Threat to the Stock Market?

Coming off the rally stocks have seen in the latter half of 2010, hopes are high for 2011. But several dark clouds remain on the economic horizon, with the lingering housing crisis looming largest. Unlike most other industries, the sector has yet to stage anything resembling a recovery. And the light at the end of tunnel may be further off than anyone would care to admit.

6 Stocks a Transportation CEO Is Watching

As the head of a shipping logistics company, Doug Waggoner has a front-row seat to the country's commerce. The chairman and CEO of Echo Global Logistics (Nasdaq:ECHO) sees who's shipping what to where and is able to use that as a barometer of the economy. And while he admits he's neglected his personal investing over the past year -- he has a good excuse: he's been busy taking his company public -- he maintains a watchlist of the businesses that seem poised to capitalize on the economic mood. (By the way, you can now create your own version at, your free customized hub to follow the performance and Fool coverage of the companies you care about.)

Commercial rocket in successful launch

Cape Canaveral, Fla. -- Commercial U.S. spacecraft company SpaceX had a successful demonstration launch and recovery of its Falcon 9 rocket and Delta capsule Wednesday, NASA said.

The liftoff was at 10:43 EST from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, and after a short orbital mission the capsule was recovered after a splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, NASA said.

The successful launch, safe reentry and recovery is the first demonstration flight for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services program, which will provide cargo flights to the International Space Station, the space agency said.

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, a former astronaut, issued congratulations to SpaceX.

Poll: Home owners losing faith in recovery

San Francisco -- A majority of consumers now believe the U.S. housing market will not see a sustained recovery until at least 2013, a national survey said.

In a poll conducted Nov. 2-4 by Harris Interactive on behalf of realty firms and RealtyTrac, 24 percent of respondents indicated the housing market would recover in 2013, while 12 percent indicated it would take until 2014 for the market to improve. An additional 22 percent indicated it would take until 2015 or beyond for the housing market to get back on its feet.

Report shows recovery split in Europe

London -- The Markit indexes of manufacturing activity in Europe showed France and Germany pulling away from the rest of the pack in the 16-nation eurozone.

The headline Purchasing Managers Index for the eurozone rose to 55.3 in November, up from 54.6 in October.

Numbers above 50 indicate growth, while below 50 indicates contraction.
Overall, the eurozone's PMI reached a four-month high showing growth for 14 consecutive months.

With gains in new orders and output, the PMI reached a three month high in Germany and a 10-year high in France.

The PMI also rose in the Netherlands and Ireland, but fell in Italy, Austria and Spain, where the PMI dropped to a break-even 50, Markit reported Wednesday.

Gray wolf no longer endangered?

Denver -- U.S. and state officials are trying to determine what a healthy number of gray wolves is for the species in the northern Rockies.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar discussed the issue Monday at a meeting in Denver with the governors of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, The Denver Post reported. The meeting was closed to the public and news media, but those who attended said there was general agreement the gray wolf can be taken off the endangered species list, returning control of populations to the states.

"The successful recovery of the gray wolf is a stunning example of how the Endangered Species Act can work to keep imperiled animals from sliding into extinction," Salazar said in a statement.