Money Matters - Simplified


Yahoo sells back shares to Alibaba, bags huge profits

The company has revealed a spike in profits to the tune of $3 billion!

Debit card data stolen from Michaels Stores in Chicago area

Many customers are complaining about money stolen from their bank accounts through ATMs in the recent days.

Money Pledges for 2011

Even small changes in your money behavior can help you attain a better financial position. The Money Times suggests some money resolutions, capable of changing your money status this year.

Here We Go Again: Memory Prices Are Imploding

Shares of Micron Technology (Nasdaq: MU) are down about 4% this morning after a disappointing first-quarter report. As it turns out, SMART Modular Technologies(Nasdaq: SMOD) was the canary in the memory chip mine, and other memory maker stocks should have suffered when that company unveiled its warning signs last week.

Don't Obsess About Dividends


With interest rates on bonds, bank CDs, and other low-risk investments at extremely low levels, investors have really taken to the income potential provided by dividend-paying stocks. But a stock that doesn't pay a dividend isn't automatically a loser. In fact, sometimes, a company that chooses to make other uses of its free cash than returning it to shareholders via dividends is making the smartest move it can with its capital.

Bank of America stops WikiLeaks' transactions

Bank of America has joined other financial institutions like Visa, PayPal and Master Card by denying payments processing services to WikiLeaks after the release of secret U.S. diplomatic cables by the whistle blower site.

Widow returns book 74 years overdue

Jackson, Calif. -- A California library said it refused to accept a $2,701 payment from a 95-year-old woman who returned a book her late husband checked out 74 years ago.

Hazel Severson said neighbor Laurie Gibson, 79, stumbled upon the Amador County Library's first-edition copy of "Seaplane Solo," an autobiographical account of Sir Francis Chichester's 1930 flight across the Tasman Sea, while cleaning at the Severson home and the widow immediately knew what to do with it, The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee reported Wednesday.

"It was the library's book," Severson said. "I wanted to get it back to them."

Plastic paycards expected to surge

Los Angeles -- Consulting firm Aite Group of Boston predicts the number of employers replacing paper paychecks with plastic paycards will surge in the next four years.

A recent survey showed only 40 percent of employers knew the option to use paycards existed, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday. But the consulting firm expects the compounded annual growth rate for employers switching to plastic forms of payment to jump 29 percent by 2014.

A few dollars saved can be a convincing argument for companies with large payrolls.

"Moving paperless is going to save costs and make us more productive," said Steve Leighton, controller at Helpmates Staffing Services, an Irvine, Calif., company.

The Debit Card vs Credit Card

Although, there are many alternatives to cash like the credit and the debit cards, the common man is yet to understand the nitty-gritty involved in their usage.

Avoiding Shopping Hangover

Gifts, wardrobe-makeovers or home décor, there is so much to shop for. But, before you can take the plunge, work hard to ensure that you can get the most of your mullah and don't end up with a shopping hangover.