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Rockstar Consortium transfers 1024 patents to Apple!

Rockstar Consortium transfers 1024 patents to Apple

The patents purchased cover technology designs and studies encompassing Wireless, 4G, Internet and Semiconductors.

Piracy scene in China not as bad as Western media paints it to be

Digital piracy causes billion of losses to American companies every year

A top Chinese official responsible for keeping piracy in check in the country has lashed out at the Western media for painting a worse picture of the piracy scene in China than it actually is.

Eastman Kodak files for auction of its 1,100 patents

The besieged Eastman Kodak intends to resort to a confidential auction for its 1,100 patents after it failed to draw a lead bidder.

A win for Motorola in the patent war against Microsoft

Motorola has won an initial ruling against Microsoft in its patent war against the Redmond-based giant.

Facebook Reportedly Buys 750 IBM Patents

Aiming to improve its intellectual property to fend off allegations of patent infringements, Facebook Inc. is said to have acquired patents from International Business Machines(IBM), one of the top patent holders in the US.

Company appeals genetic patent ruling

Salt Lake City -- A Salt Lake City company says it is appealing a U.S. District Court ruling invalidating its patents on naturally occurring genes.

In March, U.S. District Judge Robert Sweet in New York ruled that parts of seven patents held by Myriad Genetics that concern two human genes related to breast and ovarian cancer are invalid because the genes are products of nature and thus not eligible for protection under U.S. patent laws, The Salt Lake Tribune reported Sunday.

Myriad argues the ruling in the suit brought by 20 researchers, organizations and cancer victims "imperils the entire biotechnology industry -- molecular diagnostics, therapeutic drugs, agricultural applications, animal husbandry, etc."

Apple sues HTC, claims patents infringement

Aggression is the best form of defense! And when the aggression has a legal backing, it is all the more potent. This dictum appears to be at the center of the lawsuits filed by Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL, LSE: 0HDZ, FWB: APC) against Taiwan-based smart-phone maker HTC Corp. (TSE: 2498).