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Pain resolves guilt in humans, study finds

Human beings associate pain with atonement and it lessens their guilt about immoral acts, according to the findings of a recent study.

Woman's cellphone swallowed by crocodile ringing

Here's something strange that shows how sturdy some Nokia phones can be. There can be crocodile resistant!

Study links fibromyalgia with restless legs syndrome

According to a new study, people suffering from fibromyalgia are also more prone to restless legs syndrome (RLS), a baffling disorder that causes uncomfortable tingling sensations characterized by the urge to move the legs, especially at night.

Intense love can relieve pain without medicine--study

Love can act as a healing agent as a recent study by U.S. researchers, published online in the journal PLoS ONE states that love is effective in reducing chronic pain.

Fetuses don’t feel ache before 24 weeks -- study

Findings of a British study establish that a human fetus cannot experience ache before it attains the age of 24 weeks.

Want to boost your appetite? Start laughing

Laughter is universal and is accepted as the best medicine around the world. In addition to possessing the power to motivate, alleviate stress and pain, and improve one’s sense of well being, curling up with laughter can even boost a person’s appetite, indicates a new study.

Anesthetic blocks pain, not motor function

Boston -- Children's Hospital Boston scientists say they've discovered a local anesthetic that provides long-lasting pain relief without affecting motor function.

The researchers, led by Dr. Daniel Kohane, said if the nerve-blocking anesthetic works as well on humans as it did laboratory rats, it could be useful in a variety of medical applications, "providing, for example, a local anesthetic for childbirth that would block pain without interfering with the mother's ability to push, or for musculoskeletal disorders in which it is important to maintain mobility."

The research is reported in the early online edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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Aerosmith enroute recovery as Steven Tyler sets up second stint in rehab

Los Angeles, December 23 -- Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is back in rehab to tackle chronic pain and addiction to prescription painkillers, the consequences of his decade-long performance injuries.

Chocolate, water effective in reducing pain: Study

Chicago, October 18: According to the findings of a new research chocolates and water serve a very important, common purpose: that of relieving pain.

Scientists uncover the key to itchiness

Washington, August 8: In a ground-breaking research that could lead to better treatments for skin conditions, researchers have uncovered explicit nerve cells guilty of causing itchiness.