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Microsoft scrambles forward for overhauling and reshuffling!!

Phew!! Microsoft has its hands full!! The tech giant is busy with overhauling and has recently announced a major reshuffling of the company’s structure. Will the organizational chart at Microsoft now be spelling innovation?

Pay $200 for Android notebooks by Intel

The market stands will soon see the Android based notebook devices other than the usual Windows 8 platform notebooks and these notebooks will be priced at approx $200.

Field day for Hackers? Vulnerability threatens security of iPhones

Gone are those days when one felt that the password key meant safety and security for the iPhone 5!! Every other day we get some new information regarding the sharp mindedness of the hackers. This time a new vulnerability has been unearthed in the iPhone lock screen allowing the hackers to gain access to personal information and bypass the password locks of the user.

User friendly Windows 8 Tablets set to enamor the masses

It is a confusing decision to make a choice between the smart phone or the Windows 8 tablet? Microsoft plans to delight the users very soon with a series of tablet PCs lined up. What more do users want?

Windows 8 features to drive you crazy!

Microsoft in over-drive mode! It has already announced the updates for some existing features of Windows 8, even before the general release of the product.

Barnes & Noble requests DOJ to probe Microsoft's patent claims

Barnes & Noble has requested the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate the patents that Microsoft claims on devices running Google’s Android.

Google Chromebook great when online

Samsung Chromebook laptop features Google Chrome as its operating system

The recent launch of Google Chromebook laptop has received mixed reaction among reviewers who believe that even with good features, the use of Chrome as its operating system (OS) may not appeal to buyers.

Move over Nokia, HTC is here

The launch of a snazzy new smartphone by HTC on Tuesday stole the spotlight. Though Nokia also launched two new handsets based on an updated Symbian OS, they haven't got many tech enthusiasts excited.

Apple iPad 2 production already underway--report

Apple Inc. has started production of the new iPad, states the report published in The Wall Street Journal. The new iPad will be available through both AT&T and Verizon wireless carriers.

Android phones in China face virus threat

Android smartphone users in China face threat from malicious malware that capable of transferring personal data of the users to remote computers, Lookout Mobile Security reported in its blog.