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A flip-over acrobatic, jumping robot for you!!

Heard about a jumping and prancing robot? Well, that’s exactly what the researchers have dished up this time. They have made an all terrain robot having six legs that can climb, back flip leap and jump around large obstacles!

Coming soon: 'Talking' cars that detect obstacles kms ahead

After Google’s ‘driverless’ car and Terrafugia Inc.'s ‘flying’ car, now ready to hit the road are "Talking" cars! If a team of Italian scientists is to be believed, 'talking' cars will soon become a reality and not merely science fiction.

Research aims at making artificial silk

Washington -- Scientists say they are closer to learning how to make artificial silk that could bring medical and materials advances, but some obstacles remain.

Researchers have determined natural silk, stronger for its weight than Kevlar or steel, is "a relatively simple protein processed from water," but exactly how spiders and silkworms produce the material is still a mystery, an article in the journal Science says.

Researchers want to gain a better understanding of what silk is and how it's made, hoping to consistently replicate and enhance its production synthetically, the article said.