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Google Glass With Music, Stereo Ear Buds And Shazam Like Song Identifier To Hit The Market Soon

The users of Google Glass will now have access to their favorite music from Google Play by using a pair of innovative ear buds. On Tuesday, The Mountain View giant, Google announced that these smartglasses would get a voice command soon for playing millions of songs and an acoustic accessory that is completely focused on music. Earlier, these Google Glasses arrived with a mono ear bud accessory, but that was not that liked by the people who had 2 ears working fine.

Croon and bathe in tandem!! Shower with music now

Could you imagine having a cool blissful shower with music from the shower head? Well, Kohler has done the needful for you. They have made a shower head with a music speaker. Now that’s innovation! Right folks!!

Is mass signal-attack possible? Vibrations, music “sputter” mobile malware!!

Can vibrations, music, flicker off malware in mobiles? Beware, folks!! Sleazy, criminal minds are surely working overtime!! Criminals have discovered sordid hard-to-detect methods involving vibrations, music and lighting that can spark off mobile device malware.

Social network giant Facebook declutters, goes for new profile pages!

Get ready to greet the new redesigned Facebook profile pages! The social networking giant has started its “Timelines” decluttering and begun rolling out the new refurbished new profile pages.

Piracy is a crime and it is here to stay!

Piracy is a crime and it is here to stay

Over the years, the illegal download and sharing of content on peer to peer networks has gained tremendous popularity, which directly harms the content owners who are left deprived of the millions of dollars of revenue they actually deserve.

Ever wondered of playing musical instruments over the net? Google did!

Google has created an app for Chrome that allows creating real time music out of playing virtual instruments

Google Nexus 10: The most potent alternative to iPad?

Google Nexus 10 is good, but definitely not an iPad killer

When the Apple iPad was rolled by the legendary Steve Jobs few years back, the fanfare surrounding it was something extraordinary. Several companies, primarily Samsung, tried to match its success, and failed. But, do we have a game changer on hand in the form of Google Nexus 10?

Samsung snatches advertising rights from notorious piracy website

A popular website of Vietnam, Zing .vn, providing unlicensed local and Western songs, by the method of downloading has been deprived of advertisements of Samsung and Coca-Cola. Online piracy is being carried out uncontrolled and unchecked in Vietnam, it seems Samsung and Coca-cola have decided to pull their advertising from the Vietnamese region.

Grammys to feature lesser categories next year

As part of a massive overhaul, the U.S. Recording Academy has decided to drop 31 categories for the 54th Grammy Awards.