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Planning to Reduce Your Debt? Get Practical

If you are determined to reduce your debt and are serious about this, it pays to get practical. Look at your budget and figure out exactly how you can make the best use of your monthly income.

Google could come out with a physical wallet

Google Wallet is entirely software-based as of now

Going by a report published by the Android Police, Google could soon be coming out with a physical version of its Google Wallet service.

Is the dwindling retail business of US looking up again?

Is the American “money spending ability” bouncing back? Data put forth by the Commerce Department showed a profitable upswing in retail sales this July!!

Smart Ways to Save on Health Care

Follow these simple ways to cut the health care cost and make it more affordable.

Tips to Stay in Credit

Looking after your finances has always been important - but in today's day and age, it can sometimes be a little tricky to stay in credit on your bank account, so here are some tips that could help:

5 Signs You Should Fire Your Client

It might seem like a taboo thing to do when you decide to fire a client. But sometimes when a client pulls you down instead of leading you ahead to more profit, it’s time you need to end the association.

Should You Merge Finances After Marriage?

Some people believe that merging money after marriage is the right thing to do. Many others stress on the importance of maintaining separate bank accounts. Read on to find out the pros and cons of merging money after marriage.

Spendthrift Wife? Here's How to Control Her

Money conflicts are common to all households. But if your wife is splurging your hard earned money on things that you don’t even require, perhaps its time you draw the line.

Money Pledges for 2011

Even small changes in your money behavior can help you attain a better financial position. The Money Times suggests some money resolutions, capable of changing your money status this year.

Discuss Financial Compatibility Before Saying ‘I Do’

Money is one of the most common issues married couples argue over. Arguments occur because over the years each person develops his or her own unique money personality.