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Go grab an anti-bacterial phone case to keep your iPhone germ-free

Are you a person who has an abnormal fear of dirt or germs? Do you feel compelled to sanitize your mobile phone with an alcohol swab excessively or carry your handheld device in a ziplock bag to save it from pathogens? Well, now its time to get freedom from your pathological fear of dirt and contamination!

Launch date of Samsung Galaxy S IV preponed to March 15

Samsung’s latest Flagship device, the Galaxy S IV will commemorate on March 15.The company’s special Mobile Unpacked event is chosen for its launch.

Spice unveils smartphone with 5MP camera and 5.3-inch screen

Joining the league of smartphones with 5-inch screen-size, Spice Mobile has launched its latest smartphone, Stellar Pinnacle - Mi-530. This smartphone comes with a screen size of 5.3-inch. This phone runs on Android 4.0 and can be upgraded to Android 4.1 making it unique. And the price of this Spice Smartphone is going to be Rs 13,999 in the Indian market.

Power Talk: mobile phones could soon be charged by voice

Mobile phone battery dead and unable to find a charger? Well, this will soon became a thing of the past as researchers have devised a way to charge phones simply with sound.

Woman's cellphone swallowed by crocodile ringing

Here's something strange that shows how sturdy some Nokia phones can be. There can be crocodile resistant!

2 Stocks Microsoft Is Hunting (Hint: Not Apple)

 So what if Windows Phone 7 doesn't have the allure of the iPhone? The device is selling well, and that's a problem for Research In Motion (Nasdaq: RIMM) and Nokia (NYSE:NOK).


FSA to require tapes of mobile phones

London -- Banking regulators in London said Thursday effective November 2011 finance firms would have to tape all conversations on their mobile phones.

The rule will apply to about 16,000 cellphones owned by finance companies, not to private phones, which is one reason the rule, meant to record evidence of market abuse, was considered potentially ineffective, The New York Times reported Thursday.

British bankers are already required to tape phone conversations on hard-wired phones, but new technology has allowed the Financial Services Authority to extend the rule to cover mobile phones.

Google calls hit 1 million on Day 1

Mountain View, Calif. -- Calls made computer to mobile phone through Google's new phone system topped 1 million calls on its first day of use, PC World reported Friday.

Google this week added the option for Gmail account-holders of phoning mobile phones from computers -- computers with microphones, that is. Previously, Gmail account-holders could only call acquaintances who were also sitting at their computers or businesses linked to computers.

The popularity of the new system can be quickly explained, said PC World, which didn't provide the source of its figures. In the first place, domestic calls are free and calls to Britain, Japan, Germany, France and other overseas spots are being charged on average 2 cents per minute.

Mobiles dirtier than toilet’s flush handle

If you thought toilets to be the filthiest of all, probably you are wrong. An average mobile phone handset harbors 18 times more potentially harmful germs than a toilet’s flush handle, reveals a new study.