Money Matters - Simplified


Milk producers warn of farm closures

Arlington, Va -- The National Milk Producers Federation has warned that dairy farms and farm jobs are at serious risk due to plummeting milk prices producers receive.

The price of milk has dropped 50 percent from a year ago, USA Today reported Wednesday.

The Pennsylvania Center for Dairy Excellence said the state's producers received $11.50 per hundred pounds of milk in February against production costs of $15.50 to $18.50 per hundred pounds.

"If these prices stay low through 2009, there's going to be a lot of producers that don't make it," Walt Moore, a milk producer from West Grove, Pa., told the newspaper.

NMPF spokesman Chris Galen said demand for milk had "really dropped off the cliff in the last quarter of last year."

Canada recalls Orion, Lotte biscuit brands

Ottawa -- Canadian health officials are warning people allergic to egg, milk, peanut, seafood, sesame, soy or tree nuts not to consume Orion- and Lotte-brand biscuits.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the biscuits, manufactured in South Korea, contain allergens that aren't declared on the label. Officials noted that on packages of recalled biscuits, the brand name Orion or Lotte is printed only in the Korean language.

The CFIA said the biscuits are known to have been distributed in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan but might have been distributed nationally.

Officials said consumption of the products might cause a serious or life-threatening reaction in people with allergies to egg, milk, peanut, seafood, sesame, soy or tree nuts.

Dairy farmers caught in the web of falling milk prices

New York, February 17: With milk prices continuing to touch frightening lows, it has resulted in increasing woes for dairy farmers across U.S.

Multi-Tasking - the Topsy-Turvy Way

Ever handled more than a single task at a time? If yes, then you can easily identify with Harpreet Bhagrath with whom things get so higgledy-piggledy while multi-tasking he ends up turning the world around him topsy-turvy.

There is a reason why, in my household, nobody asks me to boil the milk anymore. They are pretty fearful that if they ask me to boil the milk, I would boil it over.