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Dairy farming prospered at least 7,000 year ago

Milk that has been glorified as a wholesome balanced diet in the modern era.But it has been a safe and reliable food source for a very long time claims a new research.

A glass of milk may have painkillers, growth hormones

Believe it or not but your glass of milk contains a cocktail of 20 chemicals! Yes, you heard it right. If findings of a new study are to be believed, the glass of milk you drink daily can contain traces of chemicals used in various painkillers and antibiotics.

Guide to that perfect cup of tea

It is no secret, that tea tempers the spirit, dispels lassitude, relieves fatigue and refreshes the mind and body, but the big question is how does one prepare a perfect morning cuppa?

Vegans may be at high risk of heart disease--study

Are you a strict vegetarian? If so, you could be at a greater risk of getting a stroke or a heart attack, according to a study. The findings have been published in ACS' 'Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.'

Farm's cows increase milk with Shakespeare

Maidstone, England -- Workers at a British farm said cows exposed to a theater group performing renditions of a Shakespeare play increased milk production by 4 percent.

Farmers at Pleasant Farm, near Maidstone, England, said the Changeling Theater Co.'s renditions of "The Merry Wives of Windsor," a comedy about recurring William Shakespeare character Falstaff attempting to seduce two women, caused the cows to increase their milk yield by 4 percent, The Daily Telegraph reported Thursday.

Sean Penn charged in photographer-attack case

Sean Penn’s hot temper has fetched him nuisance again. The Oscar-wining actor has been charged with two misdemeanors in relation to his attack on a photographer near Brentwood Country Mart last fall.

Untethered cows may produce less milk

Oslo, Norway -- Norwegian scientists say they've determined so-called "free-stall" untethered cows in small herds produce less milk than cows tied to their stalls.

The scientists who compared performance and health within the two stall types found tethered cattle have a higher reproductive performance and suffer less teat injuries and metabolic diseases.

The research was in response to a government ban on the construction of new tie-stalls.

Egil Simensen from the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science said he worked with a team of researchers to investigate data on 812 herds of Norwegian Red cattle, 192 of which were kept in tie-stalls.

Man gives up attempts to produce milk

Stockholm, Sweden -- A Swedish man who spent months attempting to pump milk from his breasts has given up on the failed attempt, his observers said.

Magnus Talib, a member of the editorial team for TV show Aschberg, which has been observing the progress of "Milkman" Ragnar Bengtsson, 26, said the young father's daily three-hour breast pumping failed to produce any milk, The Local reported Tuesday.

"All he got was sore breasts," Talib said of Bengtsson's attempt, which began in September.

However, Talib said Bengtsson has another perk coming from his project -- he is flying to the United States this week to film an appearance on "The Tyra Banks Show."

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Drink milk to reduce your calorie intake

Sydney, June 30: Skim milk helps people feel full, thanks to its high protein content, lactose sugar and its thickness.

Researchers found that drinking fat free milk in the morning helped increase satiety and led to decreased calorie intake at the next meal, compared to a fruit drink. Those who drank milk ate about 50 fewer calories (or nearly nine percent less food) at lunch.

In the study, 34 overweight but otherwise healthy men and women participated in two testing sessions - one in which they were served about 20 ounces of fat free milk, and one in which they were served the same quantity of a fruit drink (each contributing 250 calories to their breakfast).

Sean Penn’s divorce filing was an “arrogant mistake”

Los Angeles, May 22: Sean Penn, it seems, is in a dilemma – he cannot decide whether he wants to stay with his wife or wants to end his marriage of 13 years. Only three weeks after filing for divorce, the actor withdrew his petition to split from wife Robin Wright Penn. This is the second time the couple has quashed a legal separation.