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Meteor study throws light on the mysteries of the solar system

Fragments of the meteorite that fell in California

The study of a meteor that recently hit our planet is helping scientists understand our solar system better, and offering insights into the origin of life.

Daytime meteor sighted over Nevada

An unusual daytime meteor was spotted in Nevada Sunday morning, triggering a flood of calls in the law enforcement agencies offices.

Thousands spot mysterious light in Southwest sky

Was the spectacular multi-colored light spotted in the skies above Southwest United States an alien spaceship or a galaxy exploding? Well, scientists say that it was probably just a fragment of an asteroid.

Meteor blazes Midwestern sky; amazes sky gazers

In what can be termed as an astronomical phenomenon, which bewildered the people in the region, a large meteor blazed the Midwestern sky Wednesday night.

Meteor hits roof of doctor's clinic in Virginia

Lorton, VA., January 23 -- A small meteorite hit the roof of Dr. Frank Ciampi’s clinic in Virginia on Monday. There were no reports of injury or loss. Dr. Ciampi practices in a small town of Lorton.

Debris falling across Texas, satellite collision likely cause

Dallas, February 16: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received a number of calls stating that debris is falling in Texas. According to FAA officials, debris could be related to the U.S. and Russian satellites collision that took place last week.