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No award for Facebook software bug? Hacker gets lucky elsewhere

This is actually unfair, right folks? The hacker who hacked right into Zuckerberg’s profile page on Facebook was disappointed by Facebook recently! The company refused to reward him for reporting the software bug and he got lucky elsewhere.

Missing CES 2013 may prove to be a setback for Microsoft

Many consumers are confused about Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT

Microsoft's absence from CES 2013 was quite striking, and could prove to be costly for the company.

CES 2013 - The invasion of touch laptops and tablets

Laptops which can double up as tablets are the rage

CES 2013 marked the invasion of a deluge of touch-enabled PCs, or in other words, laptops trying to be tablets.

IdeaPad Yoga 13 - A hybrid between a laptop and a tablet

IdeaPad Yoga 13 shows what the future holds for Windows 8 laptops

If you've been undecided about whether to go for a laptop or a tablet, the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 could just be the device that you want.

HP launches Envy Spectre XP Ultrabook

HP hasn't added any new features in the product and is expected to face tough competition in the market

Toshiba shows off ultrabook at CES 2012

Every year the CES exhibition sees a host of exciting and innovative products by hardware manufacturers.

Chinese boy trades kidney for iPad 2

How far can you go to get the thing you desire? Definitely not to the ultimate extreme of selling your body part. But that's exactly what a Chinese teen did.

Oklahoma researchers lose cancer cure in laptop theft

For all those who are a little laid back in backing up data on computers or laptops, this story should serve as an object lesson.

Why Apple Is a Better Buy Than Microsoft

 One of the coolest things about Fooldom is that we're all encouraged to arrive at independent conclusions when it comes to analyzing stocks. We're investors writing for investors, after all -- not lemmings.