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Japanese electronics giant Sony

Camera you carry in a pocket

Cyber Shot DSC RX 100,

First pocket size camera by Sony takes a clear competition with other digital cameras.

Sony Industries has introduced its first large sensor compact camera, the model named Cyber Shot DSC

Sony's new gadgets are multipurpose

Tokyo -- Japanese electronics giant Sony is developing a phone with game options and a multipurpose game and computing platform, sources close to the company said.

The smartphone with game capabilities is a step forward in Chief Executive Officer Howard Stringer's plan to launch multimedia devices that perform a variety of tasks, electronics industry analyst Nobuo Kurahashi told The Wall Street Journal.

The second portable gadget in development combines netbook, e-reader and PlayStation functions, the Journal reported Thursday.

"It's still not quite clear what specific steps Sony will take to achieve (its goals), especially when iPad and other highly capable mobile devices are crowding the market," Kurahashi said.