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Mobile users can croon along with Google Music service

Hey, folks some heartening news! Google goes musical! Google has introduced a music service for smartphones and tablets.

Apple all set to fix loopholes in password security

Some time back Apple was in news for a security exploit wherein lot of Apple ID passwords was reset. The company has now acknowledged the issue and confirmed that it is working actively in getting this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Field day for Hackers? Vulnerability threatens security of iPhones

Gone are those days when one felt that the password key meant safety and security for the iPhone 5!! Every other day we get some new information regarding the sharp mindedness of the hackers. This time a new vulnerability has been unearthed in the iPhone lock screen allowing the hackers to gain access to personal information and bypass the password locks of the user.

iOS 6.1 brings a host of improvements, including greater LTE support

iOS is the most popular tablet platform

In a much-awaited update, Apple has put out iOS 6.1, bringing in a slew of improvements and numerous bugfixes.

Amazon creates a music store tailor-made for iPhone and iPod Touch

The new web store makes song purchases possible through Apple devices

Amazon has launched a music store specifically for users of the iPhone and iPod Touch, where they can make music purchases from the Amazon store.

Blackberry 10 gains 15,000 apps in just two days

Blackberry 10 should give consumers a lot of app choices if it wants to succeed

Research In Motion has been able to get over 15,000 new apps in just 2 days.

Making apps for the enemy? Why Google is winning by making apps for Apple

Google Maps was the most downloaded app when it came out

Making apps is a significant investment for any developer, yet Google has been quite diligent in making apps for Apple.

Purchased an audio CD from Amazon in 1998? Get a digital version free!

Amazon's new music service should boost sales of physical CDs

Amazon has added a bold new twist to its music store, offering customers free digital versions of audio CDs that they have purchased as far back as 1998.

Apple to pay a massive fine for copyright infringement in China

The iTunes Store is one-stop shop for apps, music, movies, ebooks and TV shows

A story of Apple getting caught up in a legal battle may certainly not be very newsworthy, except that the tables have turned this way against Apple.

Supercell beats EA to become the top iOS game maker

Clash of Clans has proved to be a surprising hit for Supercell

Supercell has surpassed Electronic Arts (EA) to be the top game-maker of the iOS platform.