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Police: Convicted burglar hits same house

Bolingbrook, Ill. -- Police in Illinois said a man on probation for burglary returned to the same home and took many of the same items.

Bolingbrook police Lt. Mike Rompa said "a laptop computer, camera, Wii and Xbox video game systems, a platinum and diamond engagement ring, other jewelry, stocks, bonds and $50 in change -- roughly $20,000 worth of property" was stolen during the Nov. 30 break-in, The (Joliet, Ill.) Herald reported Tuesday.

Investigators said similarities to a May 28, 2009, burglary at the same residence led them to interview Robert Osewski, 20, who was on probation for the crime.

Thieves pick wrong store to fence jewelry

Tonypandy, Wales -- A Welsh jewelry store owner said thieves who stole $11,000 in rings were caught after trying to sell one of the items at another location of the same store.

Derek Davies, 69, owner of D & M Davies Jewelers locations in the towns of Tonypandy and Treorchy, said the thieves made off with the rings from the Tonypandy location Nov. 5 and attempted to sell one of them at the Treorchy location Wednesday, the South Wales Echo reported.

"They must have just gone into the next town a few miles down the road, not looked at the name and not realized it was the same shop," Davies said.

Police said four men, ages 33, 23 and 16, and a 30-year-old woman were arrested in connection with the case. Their names have not been released.

Dillinger 'death mask' up for auction

Chicago -- A Chicago auctioneer said items at an upcoming sale include a cast of outlaw John Dillinger's face made after his death.

Leslie Hindman Auctioneers said the "death mask," which was created by an amateur criminologist after the gangster's death, will be auctioned Nov. 18 alongside Al Capone's monogrammed scarf, The Chicago Sun-Times reported Tuesday.

The auction house said other pieces of Chicago memorabilia in the auction include rare maps of the city from before the great fire of 1871, a 28-ounce beer schooner from Hinky Dink's Saloon and a first-edition copy of Daniel Burnham's "Plan of Chicago."

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Hungry burglar gets hams in heist

Largo, Fla. -- The owner of a Florida Pizza Shack restaurant says he has "beefed up" security after losing 60 pounds of hamburger meat and other items in a break-in.

Whoever broke into the Largo store's walk-in cooler also stole 40 pounds of sausage, 30 pounds of Genoa salami, two hams, 40 pounds of provolone cheese and other products worth more than $1,000, the St. Petersburg Times said Saturday.

"I've beefed up the security back there," owner Darrell Youness told the newspaper.

Tuesday's heist was caught on a security video and took less than 4 minutes. Youness said the burglar may have had an accomplice, because he appeared to be talking to someone outside the camera's view.

It's likely the thief had a customer for the products, Youness said.