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Volatility in gold prices making investors apprehensive

Everything seems to be taking a roller-coaster ride. The BSE Sensex, the Indian rupee and the price of gold have been extremely volatile in recent days.

Business News : India May Become 5th Biggest Market for Coca-Cola by 2020

Soft-drinkers manufacturer Coca-Cola has ambitious plans so far as its Indian operations are concerned.

RBI not in favor of high inflation to propel growth

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) categorically stated Thursday that it is not in favor of allowing high inflation in order to promote growth in the country.

Planning retirement? Here is the secret of retiring gracefully!

Retirement plans need not start in the twilight years of your life. They should be planned well in advance so that you can enjoy the rewards of your hard work and savings!! Here are three steps you need to take in order to retire gracefully.

Making apps for the enemy? Why Google is winning by making apps for Apple

Google Maps was the most downloaded app when it came out

Making apps is a significant investment for any developer, yet Google has been quite diligent in making apps for Apple.

Oil, Gold, Asia & the Best Investment in the World Right Now - An Interview with Jim Rogers

Falling oil and gas prices may offer some respite to consumers but are they enough to help the economy or are they a symptom of deeper problems?

Gold hit lowest mark in 2012 as dollar strengthens

Precious metal Gold hit the lowest mark in the first quarter of 2012 as investors show less interest in it and invested largely on Dollar and strengthens it.

Bank of America gets $5bn investment from Buffett

Investment guru Warren Buffett has invested $5 billion in the Bank of America, the largest bank of the country which is in deep financial trouble owing to the faulty mortgages.

Wealth gap widens between races -- Pew

A report by Pew Research Center reveals that the Anglo families are wealthier compared to the Black or Latino families.

All-new PS4 coming soon, confirms Sony

Global electronics giant Sony Corp. has announced that it is working on the next generation version of its game console PlayStation.