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Google delves deeper into Google Glass!! Grabs 6.3% of Himax

Folks, Google clambers deep into the wearable computers!! The company has grabbed 6.3% of the semi conductor firm , Himax, to pamper Google Glass. Another stock market update for you guys, the shares of the semiconductor vendor are soaring in pre-market trading.

Intel to launch its Virtual Cable service plan soon!

Latest from the tech world is that Intel is trying something new with the virtual cable network. Using this creation Intel would be able to sell unlimited number of television channels over the Internet with a help of a set top box.

Pay $200 for Android notebooks by Intel

The market stands will soon see the Android based notebook devices other than the usual Windows 8 platform notebooks and these notebooks will be priced at approx $200.

Razer Edge gaming tablet at $999

For all the technology fans, gaming is set to assume a whole new meaning as ZoomRazer’s Intel-based gaming tablet called Razer Edge will include Steam.

Chinese manufacturers ambush Samsung and Apple at MWC 2013

Samsung and Apple, the two colossus of smartphone industry will be ambushed by Chinese handset makers at the Mobile World Congress event that kicks off in Barcelona on Monday. The event will be hosted between February 25-28 and 1,500 exhibitors are expected to showcase their products.

Intel launching set top box and video streaming service soon

Intel Corp. declared Tuesday that it is all set to venture into the market of set top boxes this year to revolutionize the consumer’s TV experience. The new product will be a set-top box designed to feature the Internet-delivered movies and shows on TV.

Intel unveils fourth-generation processors for thinner and slimmer Ultrabooks

Intel Haswell: Greater capabilities at a fraction of power

Intel introduced the next-generation of processors at CES 2013, offering dramatically low power consumption and improved processing speed.

Google is world's second best company to work for!

CNN has has short listed 25 companies with best working environment taking into consideration different parameters.

AMD unveils powerful new eight-core processors

The new processors can be easily overclocked to 5 GHz

AMD has released its new line of eight-core processors based on the Piledriver architecture.

AMD giving away popular PC games to boost sales of new Radeon cards

AMD's offer is among the most tempting game bundles that have hit the market

Gamers and enthusiasts would be delighted to hear about AMD's juicy new offerings for its Radeon 7770 series of graphics cards.