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American consumers reduce spending

A recent report by the Commerce Department released Tuesday reveals that Americans are spending less as there was barely any growth in income in the last nine months.

If You Fail to Plan,You Plan to Fail

If I asked you exactly how much is in your bank account right now, would you know? What about if I asked how much you were spending each month? How is your budget broken up? What is your monthly savings plan?

Money Rules for Successful Marriage

The joint-venture called ‘marriage’ necessarily involves another partnership, that of ‘money’. For the former to last long, it is imperative that you strike a balance in your money habits too.

7 Doable Ideas on Pruning Household Budget

Creating a budget is just not enough. It is important to analyze it on a regular basis to cut out the waste. Interestingly, just a few changes can help to save money on household expenses.