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Omega-3 fortified margarine doesn't help heart

Adding margarine enriched with omega-3 fatty acids to diets of patients with a history of heart attacks appears to make no difference to their chances of having a second attack, findings is of a new study suggest.

Aggressive people run higher heart risk--study

A soft and pleasing personality not only adds to you overall outlook, it also gives you a health advantage. According to the findings of a new research, aggressive and angry people face a greater risk for heart attack and stroke.

Healthy heart keeps brain healthy

If you are young at heart, you’ll be young at brain too. Putting it medically, people with healthy and fit heart run a lower risk of brain aging, US researchers say.

‘Happy hours’ good on pocket but bad for heart

‘Happy hours’ might turn unhappy for some. According to the results of a new study, drinking alcoholic drinks, even as little as one drink, doubles the risk of stroke in the hour immediately after.