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Google Chrome

Using Google Chrome Potentially Fatal on Shared PC

Forgetting to log out of your Google account could cost you dear in case you have been using Chrome to access the World Wide Web, is what software designers point out.

Comparison of top five web browsers

The question we might be asking ourselves is that, how important is which browser I choose, or do all browsers perform the same, what makes them different?

PCs running Java enabled web browsers vulnerable to hacking

Java is among the most widely used programs across the globe

If you have been running Java in your web browser, it is high time that you disable Java or you'll be exposed to a host of security vulnerabilities.

Ever wondered of playing musical instruments over the net? Google did!

Google has created an app for Chrome that allows creating real time music out of playing virtual instruments

Yahoo releases its own web browser ‘Yahoo Axis’

Internet giant Yahoo surprised everyone and has joined the list of web browser makers after launching its own web browser ‘Yahoo Axis’.

Google chrome steers ahead

google chrome stays ahead

Now Google Chrome stays ahead in global market share.

The recent figures from Stat Counter , a web traffic analysis tool, states that the Google Chrome, o

Mozilla, Google sign new search deal

Mozilla and Google have signed a new deal. Mozilla will continue to offer Google as its default search engine for its Firefox web browser for at least three more years.

Microsoft marks Chrome as malware, removes browser from Windows PCs

An accidental blunder by Microsoft saw Google Chrome getting removed from the PCs of Windows users.

Google Chromebooks by Samsung, Acer to debut on June 15

Notebooks powered by Chrome operating system (OS) is the latest offering from Google. The internet search giant confirmed Wednesday that it will roll-out Chrome OS netbooks.

Firefox 4, IE9 to battle it out this March

Gear up for a lively session of browser wars. Hot on the heels of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) launch, Firefox will soon be unveiling its new version of its sleek new browser, Mozilla Firefox 4.