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Google glass users can now wink to take snaps!

Google marks the closing of 2013 with massive updates on its Google glass. The updates for December on Google glass has spread a smile on its users face as it announced this Tuesday that they can take photos with this edgy internet linked eyewear by just winking.

Apple, Google and 6 other tech giants want reform in surveillance policies

Eight tech giants have joined hands Monday to reform the US Government’s surveillance practices. To start the public campaign, the web firms- Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, AOL, Yahoo and LinkedIn- have set-up an alliance called Reform Government Surveillance group.

Facebook, Twitter passwords stolen: Here are tips to protect your account

In the latest spate of online data breaches, more than 2 million Facebook, Google, Twitter and other web services have been stolen and circulated online. This massive online data theft has prompted both the social media companies and security experts to take actions.

iPhone app store welcomes Google Play Music

Its jubilation time for the users and Google! First Google delighted the Web and Androids with the subscription music service now it’s time for Google to go generous on the iPhone. Folks, its unlimited streaming and the Google Play Music app for the favorite iPhone. The App store gets the Google Play Music now!

Google Glass With Music, Stereo Ear Buds And Shazam Like Song Identifier To Hit The Market Soon

The users of Google Glass will now have access to their favorite music from Google Play by using a pair of innovative ear buds. On Tuesday, The Mountain View giant, Google announced that these smartglasses would get a voice command soon for playing millions of songs and an acoustic accessory that is completely focused on music. Earlier, these Google Glasses arrived with a mono ear bud accessory, but that was not that liked by the people who had 2 ears working fine.

NSA surreptitiously taps into Google’s, Yahoo’s data

The National Security Agency (NSA) has reportedly tapped the communication links that connect Google’s and Yahoo’s overseas servers. By doing so, the NSA has managed to copy vast amounts of emails and maybe even sensitive information from the data centers of these two giants.

Google invents uProxy to tackle crackdown on Internet autonomy

Internet search engine behemoth Google has revolutionized the way people access information. It has been instrumental in making the entire world a well connect small little digital world.

Google reports better-than-expected Q3 results

Buoyed by strong quarterly results that beat Wall Street's expectations, Internet search behemoth Google’s stock flirted with the $1,000 level.

‘Shared endorsements’ to have user’s photo along with Google ads

Have a penchant for seeing your own picture along with sponsored advertisements? Here is a chance to fulfill this desire.

Yahoo smugly surges ahead, share crosses $ 30

It’s time for Yahoo to beam a big smile for its investors! The Sunnyvale, California, company marches ahead with the stock crossing a significant milestone. The Yahoo stock has exceeded $ 30, first time and maybe now can save itself from the “takeover-aspiring” Microsoft.