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Global Warming: 7 biggest contributors identified

Global warming is perhaps the single biggest threat we face globally. And in a recent study it has been revealed that there are seven countries around the world that are mainly responsible for the increasing temperature of Earth's surface.

Climatic changes increase malicious parasites potency

Climatic changes predict the parasites to become more active and potent attacking the host in a big way. A study highlighted that the frogs when facing unforeseen and surprising changes in the general temperatures experience a larger number of diseases.

Mounting sea levels a jolting shock for the East Coast!

Global warming has the whole world in a tizzy. The polar ice is melting at a speedy rate and gushing to the oceans forcing them to swell over. It’s a horrendous thought to be faced with flooding basements, traffic commotions, a general disarray to life activities.The government scientists report a fear that Boston may bear a lopsided and unbalanced brunt of the creeping sea levels. The U.S. Geological Survey yells a vigilant outlook for the East Coast as they scrutinize a 600 mile area along the East Coast.

Tundras transforming into forest much faster than presumed

Researchers from Finland and Oxford University have come across large swaths of European and Asian arctic tundra which are quickly turning into forests. They're attributing it to climate change, but what's worse is that the trend could significantly accelerate global warming should it spread across the entire tundra.

Sea grass traps more heat than forest -- Study

According to the latest study initiated by the researchers state that sea grass plays a vital role in controlling heat as it absorbs more heat compared to forests.

Aliens may kill earthlings for global warming -- scientists

With human efforts failing to make a serious dent in the problem of global warming, it seems aliens might soon take up the challenge.

Equator bulge: melting polar ice making Earth obese

After 20,000 years of slimming down, Earth is putting on weight again, all thanks to global warming and its repercussions.

Warming oceans could melt polar ice sheets faster than expected

The Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets are losing mass at much accelerating pace than realized, thanks to the warming oceans beneath the glaciers.

Polar bears seen with 'piggy back' cubs

London -- Polar bears are carrying cubs on their backs while they swim through icy waters, possibly because of global warming melting arctic ice, U.K. researchers say.

Scientists say they believed it to be a new behavior, possibly the result of bears having to swim longer distances in the ocean because of reduction in the amount of ice used by the bears as seal-hunting territory, Britain's Daily Telegraph reported.

During the longer swims, traveling on the mother's back could be vital for the survival of the cubs, scientists say, as being on the mother's back means the cub's body is in direct contact with the adult's fur and a large part of the baby is out of the icy water, thereby reducing heat loss.

Greenhouse CO2 emissions on the rise again

Exeter, England -- Carbon dioxide emissions, the main greenhouse gas contributing to global warming, continue to rise and may reach record levels this year, U.K. researchers say.

A study led by the University of Exeter is part of the annual carbon budget update by the Global Carbon Project, reported Monday.

The study found that despite the global financial crises affecting Western economies that led to a 1.2 percent reduction of CO2 emissions from record 2008 levels, that reduction was less than half what was predicted a year ago.

Meanwhile, emerging economies like China and India experienced strong economic performance despite the financial crisis and recorded substantial increases in CO2 emissions.