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Samsung launches ads free music streaming service, 'Milk Music'

Samsung Milk Music

Samsung is gearing up to launch a new free music service for its Galaxy smartphone users. The South Korean gadget maker unveiled the service, dubbed “Milk Music,” on Friday, March 7, 2014 in the US.

Samsung reveals teaser about event in June; to unveil Windows and Android devices

TO unveil Windows and Android devices

Scientists stumble across the largest spiral galaxy known

Spiral galaxies are among the most beautiful to observe

Astronomers have come across what they believe is the largest spiral galaxy ever seen.

20 percent of workforce slashed in a bid to revamp ailing Motorola Mobility

According to the New York Times reports, Motorola Mobility has told employees it plans to slash 20 percent of its workforce and shut down nearly a third of its offices worldwide.

Oldest Galaxy in the cosmos unearthed by Japanese astronomers

A Japanese Astronomer team helps us visualize distant galaxies by taking us back into time. The Japanese astronomer team in Hawaii asserts to have unearthed the oldest galaxy as opposed to all the other “previous early galaxy discoveries”. The “discovered“ galaxy is said to have been created 12.91 billion light years ago according to the Daily Express News.


Ice- cream, sandwich and a smartphone; three things that everybody just loves to have. What is the result when you have all these integrated into just one thing? Let me give you a hint: Samsung Galaxy S II.

A diamond planet found spinning in space

An international team of researchers have discovered a planet in a remote corner of our universe that is believed to be formed entirely of diamond.

Cosmic blast in distant galaxy leaves NASA baffled

A rare cosmic sight burst at the center of a distant galaxy has befuddled scientists at NASA.

Samsung Galaxy Tab touches 1 million sales

Samsung has confirmed that the global sales of Galaxy Tab had crossed the one million mark. Although no details were made available regarding the region which gave the highest sales, but it is believed that the thanksgiving holiday proved helpful in reaching that mark.

Old galaxy seen making new stars

Oxford, England -- U.K. astronomers say a nearby galaxy, well past its cosmic "prime" for producing stars, shows evidence it is still churning out baby stars.

Images from the Hubble Space Telescope show the core of an elliptical galaxy known as NGC 4150, thought to be well past its period of star formation, surrounded by streamers of dust, gas and young, blue stars considerably less than 1 billion years old, reported Tuesday.

Scientists say the finding suggests elliptical galaxies can still have some youthful vigor left, possibly through encounters with smaller galaxies, and that the star birth in NGC 4150 may have been kicked off by a collision and merger with a dwarf galaxy.