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I Will Tell You How to Become Rich

 "Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful."

Warren Buffett gave that timeless advice in his 20s while getting his MBA at Columbia, and he's gone on to do very well with it. He avoided the tech-stock bubble of the late '90s, when everyone and their brother got greedy. And in this past downturn, he was able to snap up preferred shares of Goldman Sachs and GE on the cheap while other large investors ran for the hills.



Ex-beau sues 'Jwoww' for $700,000

New York -- The ex-beau of reality television's "Jwoww" has sued the actor for helping make her a star and getting her free plastic surgery, his lawyer in New York said.

Tom Lippolis, 24, said "Jersey Shore" actress Jenni Farley, called "Jwoww" on the program, owes him $700,000 for advancing her career, and arranging for free plastic surgery, the New York Post reported.

Lippolis said he "dumped" Farley because she allegedly cheated on him.
Lippolis said he arranged for "a boob job, cellulite reduction, fat reduction" worth up to $40,000, without charge from a surgeon, who did the work so he could say he was "Jwoww's" doctor.

"She thinks she is on the top of the world, that she doesn't have to pay anybody," said Lippolis.

Don't Get Too Worked Up Over Gilead's Earnings

Although business headlines still tout earnings numbers, many investors have moved past net earnings as a measurement of a company's economic output. That's because earnings are very often less trustworthy than cash flow, since earnings are more open to manipulation based on dubious judgment calls.


Walmart offers holiday shipping for free

Bentonville, Ark. -- U.S. retail giant Walmart said Thursday shipping for about 60,000 store items would be free through Dec. 20.

The store estimated the shipping deal would save customers about $25 million this shopping season. The offer includes free shipping for electronics, home appliances, furniture, toys, jewelry and other items. It does not include tires or Walmart Martketplace items.

Shoppers from Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico could still expect a surcharge on shipping, the store said.

Senior vice president and general manager of said the offer was an early Christmas gift.

Baby born in Dubai hotel lobby

Dubai, United Arab Emirates -- The owner of a hotel in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, says a baby born in the lobby will receive free stays at the accommodation for life.

Workers at the Grand Midwest Hotel in the Dubai Media City said a Kazakh woman staying at the hotel went into labor Monday and only made it as far as the lobby before the baby boy started to arrive, the Gulf News reported Tuesday.

Ram Chandra Sharma, a bellboy at the hotel, said the woman had been staying at the hotel with her husband and 5-year-old son for about two months. He said the woman sent him to retrieve towels and a bed sheet and the baby was born soon after he gave them to her.

Apple to stop iPhone 4 case giveaways

Cupertino, Calif. -- U.S. technology giant Apple said it was stopping a free iPhone 4 case program at the end of the month and resorting to its normal return policy.

Apple began the free case giveaways this summer to mitigate antenna problems with phones that were dropping calls. The Wall Street Journal reported Saturday that an Apple spokeswoman explained that, "We now know that the iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought."

Apple's Web site says, "We are discontinuing the free case program on all iPhone 4s sold after Sept. 30, 2010. We are also returning to our normal returns policy for all iPhone 4s sold after Sept. 30."

Crocodile Dundee free to leave Australia

Sydney -- Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogen is free to leave Australia after settling a tax dispute, his attorney says.

Hogan's lawyer issued a statement saying the actor will be allowed to fly back to Los Angeles but must provide security.

Hogen, who resides in Los Angeles with his wife and son, has been in a long running dispute with the Australian Tax Office over the amount of taxes he owes in Australia. He returned to Australia to attend the funeral of his mother when the Australian Tax Office placed a travel restriction on him and prevented him from leaving the county.

Hogen is best known for his performance as Crocodile Dundee -- the wise cracking crocodile poacher who travels to New York City.

Toshiba to launch glasses-free 3-D

Tokyo -- Japanese electronics firm Toshiba Corp. said it would launch 3-D televisions that do not require the viewer to wear special glasses.

Commercial sales of the first of the new sets will be available before the end of the year, The Yomiuri Shimbun reported Wednesday.

Sources said the glasses-free 3-D sets send out images at different angles, allowing the viewer to perceive the action in three dimensions. Normally, the 3-D glasses that need to be worn to get the effect in current 3-D systems separate images that target, specifically, the left or the right eye. The separation of the images allows the viewer to experience the images at different depths.

Apple’s bumper case refund program underway

Just a week after Steve Jobs announced that the company will provide free cases to iPhone 4 customers; the Cupertino California based company has automatically begun refunding the cost of the case to customers who purchased the official bumper case online.

LiLo hunts for attorney to fight her case sans fee

Time is ticking really fast for Lindsay Lohan. Without a last minute appeal, the 90-day jail stint is imminent for the 24-year-old actress.