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Google could come out with a physical wallet

Google Wallet is entirely software-based as of now

Going by a report published by the Android Police, Google could soon be coming out with a physical version of its Google Wallet service.

If You Fail to Plan,You Plan to Fail

If I asked you exactly how much is in your bank account right now, would you know? What about if I asked how much you were spending each month? How is your budget broken up? What is your monthly savings plan?

Tips to Stay in Credit

Looking after your finances has always been important - but in today's day and age, it can sometimes be a little tricky to stay in credit on your bank account, so here are some tips that could help:

4 Post-Marriage Financial Blunders to Avoid

We suggest that you start planning your finances even before you have tied the nuptial knot. What you decide today can have a huge bearing on your future bank balance.

5 Financial Moves Before End of 2010

Its official now that 2011 is going to cost you more money than this year. So, why wait? Get going before the new tax regime gets declared by the Congress.

Ideas for a Frugal but Fun-Filled Christmas

Christmas feels incomplete without shopping. However, your endless shopping-list comprising of gifts, decorations, electronics, home-decor and personal products could loot you of all your bank balance unless you plan it smart.

Charity on Budget

In an already tight financial condition it indeed seems difficult to shell-out for the purpose of charity. But, there is always a way out if you’ve decided you must.

6 Crucial Financial and Money Management Decisions

Many of us often aren't able to take right financial decisions at the right time. Failing to do so leads to financial worries throughout life.

Tax cut debate has pundits busy

Washington -- Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire for high-income U.S. families would cut into finances of a high-spending group, a New York economic strategist said.

David Zervos, managing director and head of Global Fixed Income Strategy at Jefferies & Co., said allowing the tax cuts to expire for wealthy individuals would put a drag on the economy, as the wealthiest 3 percent of households are responsible for about a quarter of the nation's consumer spending, CBS News reported Thursday.

That puts Zervos at odds with former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan who said recently that he favors tax cuts, but not when government debt is running high.

Marriage and the Moolah

Since money is capable of connoting a host of different meanings to different people, it has become a dreaded topic of discussion, and consequently, a premier reason for divorces.