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Pen down negative thoughts to excel in exams

Many students suffer from pre-test blues, which in turn sometimes severely affects grades. According to a new study, these anxiety-blues can be easily dealt with. All one needs to do is to spend 10 minutes writing down his/her fears/worries/negative thoughts related to exams.

Market rally falls flat

New York -- A market rally faded Monday as the dollar index rose on fears that Ireland may need to borrow to dig itself out of its financial crisis.

Worries over Ireland eroded confidence in the euro, sending the dollar index 0.69 percent higher, which weighed on commodities and took the legs out from under modest gains on Wall Street.

Markets rose early after the Commerce Department issued a positive report on the nation's retail sector. But most of the gains did not hold.

Canadian tailing pond causes toxic fears

Calgary, Alberta -- A tailing pond at a Canadian oil sands facility may be leaking toxic sludge into its surroundings, environmental activists say.

The pond, located in a remote area of Alberta, contains toxic waste from the Horizon oil sands project operated by Calgary-based Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported Monday.

The tailing pond has been in operation for about a year. It has berms on three sides but is open on the western side where CNRL says topography and clay beneath the surface are sufficient to contain tailings in that section of the pond.

Such a setup is allowed under a plan approved six years ago by Alberta's Energy Resources Conservation Board.

Vet: Keep black cats inside on Halloween

Miami -- A Florida veterinarian is recommending people keep their black cats indoors around Halloween, despite evidence that many fears are unfounded.

Patty Khuly of Miami said in a USA Today article there is no statistical evidence supporting urban legends of black cats being taken for satanic practices during Halloween, or any increase in animal abuse during the season, but it's better to keep the cats inside during the season to avoid any risk.

Khuly said keeping cats and dogs inside and out of sight during Halloween can also help them avoid the stress of children and adults running around in costumes.

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Experts: 10/10/10 computer fears overblown

Abingdon, England -- British computer security experts said fears of a 10/10/10 computer failure or virus Oct. 10 are likely overblown.

Online forums have been filling with questions about clocks failing at 10:10 a.m. due to the number symmetry and many have raised fears of a special 10/10/10 virus, but Graham Cluley, computer safety expert at Sophos, said it's probably just the latest in a long line of baseless scares, The Daily Telegraph reported Friday.