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7 March is the date decided for launch of new look for ‘NewsFeed’

Facebook, the 1 billion social member web company is organizing a mega expo on March 7 at its Menlo Park, California Headquarters, to uncover the refurbished “news feed". The invitation was sent to all the reporters via a formal email invitation this morning.

Microsoft - the latest tech titan to fall victim to hacking

Another big-ticket hacking attack has rocked the technological world again. This time it’s Microsoft, which has borne the brunt of the hackers' click.

Eastern Europe emerges as a key suspect for cyber crimes

China has been the main suspect for recent cyber attacks on U.S. corporates, government networks, and other organizations. But according to latest Bloomberg reports, Eastern Europe may be the real culprit behind most of the cyber attacks.

Most parents have Facebook accounts to keep tab on their kids

Unaware what your kids are up to? The largest social network, Facebook, has come under the “Parent scanner”. Results show that more than half of parents have registered on Facebook only to monitor their children’s activities.

Facebook swarming up with pages in support of ex-cop and anti-police sentiments

Citizens of U.S have took to Facebook page to support the fugitive ex-cop Christopher Jordan Dorner and vent out their frustration against the police authorities. A page on Facebook has been created to gather the support for the cop who went on a revenge killing spree after being fired.

Internet dilemma due to Facebook glitch!

A Facebook glitch had the internet in a tizzy for a little while. The result was that every site visited was down for a small period of time. Be it Huffington Post, CNN, The Washington Post, Gawker, BuzzFeed, ESPN or many others all were broken and not responding. It is confirmed that Facebook Connect had a “bug” that was resolved at the earliest.

Wanna know why Americans want a breather from Facebook?

Is the thrill of logging on to Facebook losing its value for you!! Apparently, you are not alone to feel overwhelmed by the social media site!!

Google+ becomes the 2nd largest social networking site!

Google Plus seems to be gaining momentum and could pose a formidable challenge to Facebook or Twitter!! A new study has found that Google+ is trumpeting and is now the second biggest social networking site, as per number of active users.

Zuckerberg clears rumors of Facebook entering mobile market

Waving off all the rumors about Facebook hitting the markets with a new mobile phone, the company’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, clearly said that the company has no intensions of building its own mobile phone.

Facebook's earnings in Q4 surpass expectations but shares plummet

Facebook is going from strength to strength

Facebook is out with its earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2012, and the figures are immensely impressive.